Decoding Blake Lively’s Beauty Secrets

Posted on November 04, 2017

Whether she is featuring on the big screen, attending red carpet events or simply at home with her family, Blake Lively is a celebrity that always looks beautiful no matter the occasion. Whether it’s a natural, bronzed and sun-kissed look, bold lip or a smoky eye, the actress can pull any makeup look off with ease. Here is the mystery of Blake Lively’s beauty routine decoded with the help of her celebrity makeup artists.

Blake Lively with side swept curls and bold red lip.

Base & Face

Blake Lively’s skin is always prepped with both oil and moisturiser; liquid foundation is then buffed into her skin. She is famous for her summer glow all year round, so bronzer is added to her makeup look to enhance her tan. NARS bronzer in Casino is used followed by a pink blush for balance. Makeup Artist, Elaine Offers, says the secret to setting Blake’s makeup is the Mally Poreless Face Defender. This product is made without powder, sets clear, minimizes pores and completely mattifies the skin.

Blake Lively showcasing her natural glowy and bronzed complexion with her beautiful smile.


Another of Blake’s makeup secrets comes with choosing the right lip colour. Celebrity Makeup Artist Kristofer Buckle told E! News that it is important to select a lip colour to either pop, recede or balance. For example, if the eye look is bold – select a flattering colour that isn’t too deep or distracting. If you choose to go with less on the eye – select a bright or deep shade. If the desired makeup look is natural, select a colour in between to balance the look. 

Collaged image of juxtaposed lip colours- left= bright lip and light eyes. Right = Bold eyes, subtle lip.


Blake Lively’s signature red carpet smoky eye is built using a pencil. Starting from the waterline, the pencil is then used to elongate the eye upwards in an angular shape. It’s very important to blend as you go, and to be generous with application.

Blake Lively burgundy dress at Cannes 2014, showcasing her signature red carpet smoky eye.

Minimalism is key

Aside from the red carpet glam, on a daily basis you will find Blake wearing minimal makeup that includes sunscreen, tinted moisturiser and a light lipstick. Blake Lively told Vogue about a tip she had learnt from a makeup artist years ago in regards to blush. “Put the blush on your cheeks, on the tip of your nose and wherever your face gets the most sun. That way it never looks like blush, instead it looks like the warmth showing up on your skin asymmetrically and not like makeup,” she said.

Two portraits of Blake Lively. One with no makeup, the other with natural makeup.

Blake Lively is the epitome of Hollywood class and beauty, a talented actress, mother and fashion icon. With these beauty secrets revealed, you now have the insight to recreate some of her signature beauty looks from glam to natural. Practice makes perfect.


By Mikayla Tabone.

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