5 French Makeup Tips Every Beauty Babe Should Know

Posted on April 27, 2018

French women have a very unique approach to beauty. Have you ever wondered how they master their perfect Parisian glow? Good news, you don’t have to visit France to adopt their ways, you just need to follow one simple rule – less is more. French women don’t use makeup to transform their whole look; instead they rely on makeup to enhance their natural features. Keep reading to reveal 5 French makeup tips you should consider when it comes to your routine.

Woman sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower with a red beret.
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Make Skincare the Star

Girl with beautiful, glowing and healthy skin and complexion.
Image Credit: StyleCaster

Glowing and healthy skin is a trademark of French beauty. It’s important to have a skincare routine to follow closely at home. Regular facemasks and ALWAYS cleansing the skin before bed are just a couple beauty habits French girls grew up with.

Au Naturel By Day

Beautiful brunette French girl.
Image Credit: ELLE

The approach to makeup by French women is to enhance rather than cover up. All products are used in moderation and very rarely will you ever walk the streets of Paris and see a woman wearing a full face of heavy foundation. A French beauty secret weapon is definitely a three-in-one BB cream – that is moisturising, provides light coverage and has an SPF.

Embrace Messy Makeup

Messy Makeup.
Image Credit: Legenczari

A popular French trend that is seen on both the runway and in street style is the casualness of makeup along with its application. It’s important to make it look not so perfect and more lived in. For example, perfect a smoky eye by using a pencil and then just smudging it out with your fingers. It’s important also to not over sculpt your face but instead use highlights and bronzers to capture the light as it hits your face and bring your features forward.

Say Yes! To a Red Lip

Blonde girl applying a red lip.
Image Credit: YouTube - MissMai27

A bold red lip is the epitome of Parisian chic. According to French Makeup Artist Violette, it’s how you wear the crimson or scarlet shade that makes it fully French though. Parisian women think of their red lips like a fashion accessory, so they don’t wear any other makeup with it. Pair that with lived in, ‘messy’ hair, perfect skin and a simple outfit like jeans and heels because it’s all about the lipstick doing the talking.

Look After Your Lashes

Long, luscious lashes.
Image Credit: StyleCaster

It’s time to reveal another French beauty secret – Parisian women will never go without adding a good curl to the eyelashes. To take extra care, they also use a lash conditioner. A lash conditioner promotes growth and thickness. 

By Mikayla Tabone. 

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