7 Fitness Activities Proven to Make You Happier

Posted on April 07, 2018

Now that Easter has come and gone, you might be feeling a little guilty about devouring all of the hot cross buns in sight. And let’s not forget the chocolate! So, why not continue your fun-loving Easter long weekend, and continue your week with some fitness activities that are proven to boost your day, get you moving and make you happier. Remember, it’s all about balance.

Two women high-fiving after completing fitness workout.
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You no doubt have those days when you feel just too tired to exercise, you’ve had a busy day at school or work and working out is the last thing in the world that you want to do. Fight that feeling and let exercise energise you. Exercise releases dopamine in the brain, a chemical that is necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness. So, run, lift, jump, play – and start feeling happy today!

Here are 7 Red Scout recommended fitness activities that will have you feeling happier in no time.

1. Yoga

Woman doing a yoga position on the beach.
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If you want an exercise that is both relaxing and challenging, why not try yoga. Yoga has many great benefits for your health, as it’s made to test your core and prove to yourself just how strong mentally and physically you are. As your levels of skill change, you must learn to adapt, change and grow as you are pushed harder than when you first started. Feeling that sense of peace and happiness on your mat is no accident, yoga creates a mind-body connection that facilitates change at a cellular level. The brain and body send messages to each other through neuropeptides and receptors. The relationship that yoga creates between the head and the heart not only effect change on the mat, but also allow for change off the mat.

2. Walking

Man and woman power walking for exercise.
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Taking a walk with a friend, or even your furry friend is a small yet powerful fitness choice that you won’t regret. It’s an excellent way to build bonds and strengthen dynamics in friendships. Whether you gossip, pour your heart out or just chat, a friend will be there to listen. These walks will significantly improve your emotional and mental health, as well as having you in tip top physical shape.

3. Meditation

Woman relaxing in a meditation sitting position.
Image Credit: Pop Sugar

Meditation is a great way to free your mind, ease your soul and open your heart. You might be thinking, “meditation isn’t an exercise” but you would be wrong. Many studies have proven that taking this time during your day will make your senses sharper and allow you to fill your life with simple joys, beautiful moments and moving experiences. Mediation also allows for restful sleep, sharper memory, less anxiety and increased mental clarity.

4. Dancing

Woman dancing among others in a Zumba class.
Image Credit: Zumba Fitness

Why wouldn’t you be wanting to have fun while you exercise? Dancing is known to make people more excited and happy. That’s why gyms are implementing more and more dancing classes such as Zumba. Dancing is a high calorie burning, mood boosting workout – so get your dancing shoes ready.

5. Cycling

Black and white image of a woman enjoying a bicycle ride.
Image Credit: The Every Girl

When you think of riding a bike, surely you think of your carefree childhood spending afternoons upon afternoons riding your bike in the street. It might not seem like much but getting on your bike and riding around will significantly improve your mood and make you happier.

6. Hiking

Woman hiking in beautiful mountain landscape.
Image Credit: Alohilani Resort

Always up for the challenge? Why not try hiking! Start small if you have never hiked before and once you feel you’re ready, push yourself. Hiking is an amazing experience and reaching the top of your hike will have you feeling proud and accomplished. Research also shows that hiking can help people who are suffering with severe depression feel less sad as being out in nature can allow people to connect with themselves and nature in a way that brings about peace and a sense of wellbeing. Hiking will feed your health and your soul.

7. Lifting Weights

Woman deadlifting weights.
Image Credit: Fit Girl's Diary

If you find that cardio makes you cranky, maybe you’re made for the weights room. It’s important to find a workout that makes you feel happy, strong and motivated to smash your fitness goals. Lifting weights will make you stronger and feeling tougher is extremely empowering for one’s self.

Now’s the time to get active – it’s time to appreciate yourself, your body, your activities and your happiness more.


 By Mikayla Tabone. 

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