Creator or Influencer. Who has the Power?

Posted on August 17, 2018

Today, beauty bloggers and vloggers practically own the makeup game, while makeup artists have taken the back-seat. I mean, how much influence do makeup artists really have anyway when it seems like v/bloggers are now everyone’s ‘go to’ source for hot makeup tips. People are literally filling their makeup bags with products advised by beauty bloggers.

In fact, it seems as though beauty v/bloggers have even more of a say over products than the makeup giants do. That’s why these big brands are paying v/bloggers to sample their products and give their feedback to millions of followers right? Brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Estee Lauder, NYX and Too Faced all admit that this had helped them to gain a larger number of customers or reach a wider demographic of people. Does anyone actually buy anything these days without getting confirmation from a trusted source that it’s a quality product? And everyone spends so much time online that beauty v/bloggers have become as popular as celebrities. Makeup brands that are fading into the background, while letting influencers take the spotlight may actually be making a smart decision.

Creator or Influencer. Who has the Power?

Photo credit: jeffreestar

Not only do the beauty v/bloggers hold the power, but many of them are even curating their own lines or collaborating with big brands. Let’s take Jeffree Star for instance.

Jeffree is one of the most followed beauty gurus in the social world, with almost 7 million subscribers on YouTube and roughly 6 million followers on Instagram. Jeffree is best known for posting makeup tutorials, beauty reviews and collaborating with friends. Jeffree now has his own brand which quickly became very popular after gaining it’s ‘high quality’ reputation. What started as a single liquid lipstick is now a complete beauty range.

Creator or Influencer. Who has the Power?

Photo credit: jeffreestarcosmetics

Not to mention the fact that others have followed in his footsteps. Big beauty vlogger, Nikkie Tutorials is now collaborating with Too Faced cosmetics and Ofra. While Laura Lee, has worked with the likes of Morphe, Mac, ColourPop and Smashbox in the past, and now has her own line. There’s also Korean beauty blogger Pony who launched her own cosmetic line, PONY Effect, and Jenn Im, who collaborates with brands like ColourPop Cosmetics when she’s not running her clothing line. And yes, we have to give a shout out to Manny Mua, the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline. Beauty v/bloggers and absolutely taking over the makeup world.

Creator or Influencer. Who has the Power?

Photo credit: ponyeffect_seoul

Yes, of course makeup artists still have all the authority and integrity. It’s up to them to create a look or trend. They’re the real creators. But now the v/bloggers are the influencers and they’re taking hold of the products by using their social media status to flaunt their opinions. They seem to have more sway over product purchasing than the makeup giants now, to the point where makeup artists no longer have control over what sells and what doesn’t, once their products are plastered on social media.

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By Maddison Mathot.

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