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Posted on May 18, 2018

Body image, is it really a representation of our outer selves or our inner beauty? Each individual should feel good in their own skin, so why do so many women suffer from insecurities?

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Who's to Blame?

We all want to point the finger somewhere, whether it’s at magazines, models, celebrities or sometimes even friends. Yet never do we want to turn the finger around and blame ourselves. Well guess what, as much as we don’t want to admit it, we’re to blame. If you think about it, no one really has the power to make us feel the way we do, except us. We control that voice inside our heads that says that we’re not good enough, but guess what, we also have the power to change it.

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that because we work in the beauty industry, we have to become it. In a way, we are the role models of beauty trends. We feel pressured to represent ourselves and our brand ‘perfectly.’ But we also have the opportunity to not only make ourselves feel good, but our customers too. We are a representation of what’s ‘accepted,’ so if you’re a size 12 rather than a 6, or if you’re embracing your blemishes rather than trying to conceal them completely, you might find that your customers actually feel they can relate to you better. They might even look up to you as a person in the beauty industry, not trying to fit yourself into the same category everyone else is aspiring to reach.

Magazine Spreads Don't Control Your Self-Esteem, You Do

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Me? You might be asking yourself. How? Yes, we all feel like we’re fed this ideal image that we have to try and transform ourselves into. Whether that’s a 6ft something Victoria Secret model, a perfectly curved Kardashian or a toned to death fitspo, gracing the pages of women’s health. Unfortunately, you can’t drop 10kg when your frame isn’t meant to be that thin, or gain the perfect figure 8 physique when you’re built like a tower.

A shocking experiment conducted back in 2011 by Glamour Magazine concluded that 97% of women are cruel to their bodies on an average day. This might be because they think they’re too fat or too skinny. Unfortunately, we all have imperfections that we find in ourselves, so can the media really be blamed? The idea is to focus less on the media and focus more on ourselves, and what that voice inside our head is saying.

It's All About Attitude

Amy Schumer at the 'I Feel Pretty' red carpet in Los Angeles


It’s true. Your attitude reflects your outer vibe. If you reflect confidence, other people will believe it. In the new released movie, I Feel Pretty, starring Amy Schumer, they portray this perfectly. If you haven’t seen the trailer, the plot follows a girl who lacks self confidence. She thinks of herself as fat and ugly until one day she makes a wish to be beautiful. Following this, she falls down, injures her head, and when she gains consciousness, she thinks that she’s beautiful. She begins dressing and acting differently, until everyone surrounding her also begins to believe that she’s the epitome of confidence and beauty. I’d definitely recommend adding this to your list of ‘go see’ movies, especially if you’d like to leave the cinema thinking to yourself, ‘you know what, I’m fabulous.’

Remember to treat your customers as you want to be treated too, or how you would treat a friend. Give them a genuine compliment and make them feel confident. Be generous with your compliments. We all need to build each other up and create strength, so that we can all start looking in the mirror in the morning and saying to ourselves, “I’m good as I am.”

Re-train your Brain

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Easier said than done, right? But it can be done. Ladies, please take a long hard look at yourselves in the mirror and retrain your brain. Focus on the positives about yourself instead of the negatives. Interrupt any negative thoughts that begin to creep into your mind and replace it with an affirming thought. Lastly, appreciate your body and the gift that it is. Your body is a moving miracle, so don’t forget that next time you’re looking in the mirror, wishing that your arms were skinnier or your thighs were bigger. You’re perfect just the way you are. If you practice this in your work and in your life, then it will show. Who knows, you might even inspire others with your new found confidence too, quite like Amy Schumer’s character does in I Feel Pretty.

By Maddison Mathot.

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