Mask It: The Game Changing Combinations for Face and Hair

Posted on September 07, 2018

Let’s be honest, you have a tendency to look down at your hair and cringe at all the split ends or white baubles attached where your hair has broken off. Looking in the mirror isn’t much better either, leaning over the sink to take a closer look at your skin, while resisting the urge to start picking and poking at it. Well that can be easily fixed with a weekly hair and face mask. There are so many benefits to both. Not only will it improve the overall health of your hair and skin but it will also have them looking better than ever.

So which combination suits you? Are you looking to clear you skin, smooth your hair, or are you simply just looking for some relaxing ‘me time?’

Mask It: The Game Changing Combinations for Face and Hair

Silky Skin and Sleek Hair

Face Mask: Face masks make your skin glow and feel like silk. They nourish your skin and can help to remove any impurities such dry skin or acne.

Hair Mask: Like face masks, hair masks will add shine back into your hair and make it feel, sleek and silky smooth. Hair masks are also nourishing. They completely cure your hair by adding the essential oils that it might be lacking.

Mask It: The Game Changing Combinations for Face and Hair

Photo Credit: KlaraBstock (Try using this black charcoal mask. It dries to the face, then when peeling off, it pulls the impurities out of your skin with it, such as black and white heads.)

Hydrate and Meditate

Face Mask: They’re relaxing. Let’s be honest, we never give ourselves enough ‘me time.’ Allow yourself once a week to sit in a nice warm bath or simply just lay on your bed while you let your face mask work its magic.

Hair Mask: They increase the level of hydration in your hair and prevent it from snapping. Masks contain vital nutrients that get right into the hair shaft to add life back into it.

Mask It: The Game Changing Combinations for Face and Hair

Photo credit: nelen (Try using a bubble mask. The bubbles work to gently scrub your pores out, removing oil, makeup and dirt.)

Product Improvement and Colour Enhancement

Face Mask: They improve your overall skin regimen and allows your daily products to work more efficiently. It allows your moisturisers, serums, toners and all to be absorbed into the skin quicker and deeper.

Hair Mask: Depending on the hair masks you use, they can lock in colour if you’ve been dying your hair darker, or can improve the tone if you’ve been dying it lighter and remove any brassiness.

Mask It: The Game Changing Combinations for Face and Hair

Photo credit: haskhair (Try HASK’s wide range of hair masks made for all different treatments.)

Effective and Protective

Face Mask: They can target your problem areas or imperfections. Face masks are usually formulated for a purpose, whether that’s to shrink pores, help with acne, anti-ageing, unclog pores and more. They’re really beneficial as well if you have dry areas or an oily T-zone.

Hair Mask: They work as a protective layer against aggressive environmental issues like the cold and wind during winter, which can damage the hair, or hot irons that can fry the hair.

Mask It: The Game Changing Combinations for Face and Hair

Photo credit: bondiboost (Try using Bondi Boost’s hair mask to make your hair grow, prevent breakage and nourish your hair follicles.)

Clearer, Stronger, Better

Face Mask: Face masks are good for deep cleansing and renewing skin cells. Leaving a face mask on for 20 minutes does a lot more work than the cleanser you use to remove your makeup or the exfoliator you’re rubbing into your skin.

Hair Mask: It’ll help with hair growth. If you’re doing hair masks weekly, eventually this will add extra strength to your hair. This will improve the elasticity and texture of your hair, while preventing breakage.

These game changing combinations will leave you looking like a Goddess, but don’t be afraid to experiment yourself either. There are so many amazing, at home, skin and face masks that can be made with simple house hold ingredients. So get going, create or buy, apply and appreciate your radiant hair and skin.

By Maddison Mathot.

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