On the Radar: Gender-Neutral Beauty

Posted on July 20, 2018

As time ticks forward, beauty trends must be updated to fit the demands of the modern world. We all know this, like duh, right?

So we are thrilled that the recognition and inclusion of the LGBT+ community is gathering momentum around the world, as well as the rise of gender neutral b/vloggers, skin care brands, fragrances and makeup brands too! This new genderless trend has swept the industry! It’s great to see that these new brands that keep popping up have zeroed their focus on product benefit and brand values instead of having a gender specific target.

The beauty industry used to be highly feminine, with beauty being synonymous with expression of femininity. But now we can finally say goodbye to that old fashioned concept. Younger generations or generation Z, have now normalized genderless beauty. Their fluid approach to gender diversity will dramatically reshape this category.

On the Radar: Gender-Neutral Beauty

Photo Credit: fluidebeauty

Market research company, Mintel said, “Consumers are moving away from traditional gender stereotypes, in part driven by the increased visibility of gender diversity. As such, the traditional gender boundaries associated with fashion and beauty trends are becoming progressively blurred.”

With this new uprising is the beauty industry, you would think that the more and more increasingly visible gender diversity becomes, the more traditional stereotypes need to dissolve. I mean, of course it’s still okay to have products individually targeted at men and women, but in this new era, if you’re not targeting your products at the gender-neutral community too, can it begin to make your brand look a little out dated?

On the Radar: Gender-Neutral Beauty

Photo Credit: CoverGirl (James Charles)

If we take a look at a few brands, we can see massive progression. In fact, all types of brands are getting on board, from the easily affordable, to the higher priced one’s. Take a look at CoverGirl, Maybelline and L’Oreal Paris for instance.

YouTube Beauty Blogger, James Charles was announced CoverGirl’s first male spokesperson in the States last year which was revealed when he Guest Starred on the talk show, Ellen. Maybelline also announced its first-ever male ambassador, Manny Gutierrez to star in the brand’s Big Shot Mascara campaign in the US. While L’Oreal Paris also made significant changes with the inclusion of Makeup Artists, Gary Thompson, also known as The Plastic Boy, in their True Match campaign. They also recently made Beauty Blogger, The Beauty Boy (Jake-Jamie), the new spokes-model for the brand’s Total Cover Foundation and Total Cover Concealer Palette.

On the Radar: Gender-Neutral Beauty

Photo Credit: MAC (Caitlyn Jenner)

Then we’ve got MAC and Napoleon Perdis, who have long been supporters of gender-neutral beauty.

MAC has collaborated with Caitlyn Jenner, doing a 15-piece collection, as well as socialites, the Brant Brothers. They also have an upcoming VIVA GLAM campaign starring Taraji P. Henson and actor, singer and activist Jussie Smollett which we know is going to be good. Oh and of course we can’t forget Napoleon Perdis. I mean just look at the creator of the brand, Napoleon Perdis himself. He’s always believed that makeup should be a gender-neutral tool, which he, himself has always used.

This will have significant implications for the execution of beauty concepts, the importance of gender inclusivity and the kinds of brands that evolve as the next generation of beauty brands. But so far it seems like these gender-neutral brands are thriving as they take the lead on this latest concept.

On the Radar: Gender-Neutral Beauty

Photo Credit: fluidebeauty

Some of the most current brands, targeted specifically at a gender-neutral audience include, Fluide, Meant, Asarai, Panacea, Non Gender Specific, JECCA and Malin + Goetz just to name a few. Not to mention, these brands are also cruelty free and vegan. Eeek! Could it get any better? I think not.

Isabella Giancarlo, co-founder and creative director of Fluide said, “Makeup and fashion are perhaps the most effective means of self-expression for me. I knew that a younger me would be dying to see queer beauty represented by queer people.”

On the Radar: Gender-Neutral Beauty

Photo Credit: fluidebeauty

So should more beauty brands be taking on this idea?

Yes of course! Mintel, said, “Consumers are moving away from traditional gender stereotypes and expectations. As such, they are going to come to expect brands to push a gender-neutral message to the fore of their new product development and marketing campaigns.”

It will be exciting to watch as more and more brands take on the concept of gender-neutral products and advertising. We are definitely starting to see a massive shift, which is absolutely for the better.

By Maddison Mathot.

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