The Beauty Advisors Expert Trainer

Posted on October 26, 2018

Meet the beautiful and dynamic face behind Red Scout, Simone Pedersen, the Go-To training expert for Beauty Advisors internationally. I’m sure you’re all wondering, how does one build a company for themselves that expands to the point where they’re able to train 20,000 beauty advisors internationally?

The Beauty Advisors Expert Trainer

I mean, aren’t we all secretly hoping that we too can somehow manage to build our own beauty empire?

Well, this story begins where all great stories should begin, at Chanel. Simone held a degree in Education and attended a presentation on Marketing and Public Relations where the head of this department at Chanel spoke. After expressing that she had “The best girls job in the world,” Simone decided she needed to work in the beauty industry and for Chanel.

The Beauty Advisors Expert Trainer

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Simone soon attained an internship within the PR office with Chanel Head of Public Relations. As they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Though once your foot is in the door, the amount of success you gain is really up to you. Simone worked hard to learn about PR and Communications, gaining the knowledge she has today.

Could you image? It’d be like entering the gates of heaven each morning.

The Beauty Advisors Expert Trainer

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2 years later, a job came up in the newspaper, advertising a position within Chanel for a Marketing Assistant. Simone applied for the job and got it. After 3 years, “and long hours of hard work,” Simone says, she was doing the Brand Management for Skincare, Makeup and Fragrance for Australia and New Zealand.

Being at the top of her game, Simone was head hunted by the President of Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, who wanted her to become the Head of the luxury department store. Simone thought she’d never leave Chanel but after a weekend in Hong Kong, decided it was an opportunity she couldn’t miss.

She spent 5 years in Hong Kong, where she was in charge of 250 beauty brands, travelled 3 times per year to New York, Paris and London; and made many valuable international contacts within the beauty industry.

Though after always being very business driven, in 2008 Simone finally decided it was time to return home to Australia to settle down and start a family. But at the same time, Simone said,

“I wanted to have my own business that filled the need in the industry for learning and development in an online capacity for beauty advisors.”

The Beauty Advisors Expert Trainer

“Large corporates need to train a large numbers of beauty advisors and they can’t do it all face to face,” she continued.

“Red Scout is the first organisation that is set up to develop Beauty Advisors in skincare, makeup, fragrance and customer sales and services in an online capacity.”

Red Scout has now been operating for 10 years and has clients all over the world. The company works with large corporates like department stores, pharmacy stores, airports, and brands across the international beauty industry.

So let’s summarise, how did she do it? Well, she put in a lot of hard work, came up with a new idea that hadn’t been done before, gained a lot of contacts and an abundance of knowledge from the most superior of sources.

The Beauty Advisors Expert Trainer

Doesn’t her story sound so great! Don’t you just wish you had a career like that! If you’d like to start or develop your career in the beauty industry, click here to find out information on all the courses.

By Maddison Mathot.

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