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Posted on December 13, 2016

Fragrances are one of the oldest and most unique beauty products in history dating back to the 3rd century where Cleopatra used exotic perfume oils to seduce Mark Antony.  Women (and men) have been doing this for a millennia. Scent is also closely tied to memory and not only that, fragrances can smell completely different to someone else thanks to our own unique body chemistries. So it’s simple to say that perfume is the most personal and important part of any beauty routine so learning how to wear it is an essential. 

Layering fragrances can help to create a fresh scent that will last longer, but also give you a new variation of your favourite perfume.

Customer spraying perfume on skin

Where to apply....

As you wear your perfume throughout the day, it is important to note where to apply to your body to ensure the scent lasts longer.  Heat is what activates perfume so apply on the pulse points on your body (where your heart rate can be found). Some points are located behind your ear, near your chest and behind your knee. 

Shower Gel and Body Lotion

Layer lotions, creams and gels before you spray your fragrance.

Shower gels are a great way to start the layering ritual.  Lather the shower gel over your skin, and after drying the skin use a body oil, body lotion or crème to moisturise.  Finish it off with a quick spritz of perfume for optimal results.    

This last step is optional, and you can just wear the shower gel or body crème on its own for a light, unique scent. By applying lotion or body oils to your skin, you will hydrate and moisturise your skin allowing the perfume to adhere to your skin more effectively. Shower gels and scented hair sprays are always a perfect way to mix and layer fragrances. 

Simple fragrances to be worn together

Focus on simple scents when layering fragrances

As the saying goes, less is more. As you can imagine, less complicated perfumes are easier to mix so look for fragrances such as rose, vanilla or freesia since they are far less complex and easier to layer with. 


Fragrance bottles for the customer

Know what scents go well together

When it comes to the layering process, you have to pick scents that will complement and work well together. You should always layer a light scent with one that’s a bit stronger or more complex. Here’s a quick list of the fragrance types that work best together:

 Musk and Floral

Oriental and Fruity

Oriental and Gourmand

Citrus and Woody

Fruity and Floral

Floral and Oriental


By: Stephanie Turek

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