Concealer Revealer: Learn how to properly conceal your party sins

Posted on December 02, 2017

With the holiday season just around the corner, comes party time. This means late nights followed by early mornings after one too many wines. Ask any woman what her go-to product would be to fake wide-awake eyes and 95% of the time she’ll say concealer. After all, it’s the only product that generally makes us look like acceptable human beings after committing your party sins.

What if we told you that what you already knew about concealers was equivalent to a child being on their training wheels? There are many hacks that Red Scout has thoroughly researched to provide you with the 411 of concealer tips – we call it… Concealer Revealer.

Here are 4 concealer hacks you need to try this holiday season.

Close up of a female applying concealer in a triangular shape underneath her eye.
Image: Cosmopolitan

1. Peach-Toned Pick Me Up

Are you finding that your usual shade of concealer, that covers your breakouts with ease, isn’t quite making the cut at covering your early morning eye bags? Don’t worry too much; you just need to switch the shade and find a peach-toned concealer. This will help to balance out the blue tones that are found around the bags under your eyes. Apply this in a V shape from both corners of your eyes to above your cheekbone, then blend. (Lazy Girl Hack: You can use your fingers.) If necessary, apply your yellow toned concealer on top.

Step by step image of woman applying peach toned concealer.
Image: Marie Claire

2. The Art of Baking

It’s not the most timesaving option, but to prevent dry skin under your eyes as a result of your concealer creasing is…. (drumroll) BAKING. Apply a hydrating eye cream to start, and then apply a thick layer of concealer below the eyes to the top of your cheeks. Now you blend. Next, dust a translucent powder over the concealer making sure it is visible. Allow your makeup to “bake” – this technique allows your body heat to melt the concealer-powder mixture. After 5-10 minutes, just dust away the visible translucent powder. Baking will help to limit creasing and naturally illuminate your under-eye area.

Step by step baking guide concealer guide from Sephora.
Image: Sephora

3. Colour-correcting Concealer

Many beauty editors swear by many different coloured, colour correcting concealer shades. Gone are the days when concealer had to only be a similar shade to your skin. Green concealer will balance redness while purple will brighten your complexion and neutralise yellow tones. For the best result apply these colours before your foundation to achieve a flawless base.

Girl after applying concealer to her face showing off her radiant complexion.
Image: Shutterstock

4. Consistency is Key

Thick formula might sound like the perfect choice to hide the darkest of circles but contrary to belief, a creamy consistency is ideal for under the eyes. Drier, thicker and waxier formulas will crease easier under the eyes. However, these denser formulas are better for blemishes, as they cover discoloured and raised areas with a more natural finish.

Different consistency's and colours of concealers.
Image: Getty Images

With these concealer secrets you will be able to fool everyone that you’ve had a full 8 hours sleep (and haven’t been out at Christmas events, partying until the sun comes up). Good luck!


By Mikayla Tabone. 

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