Make your skincare about your skin type

Posted on August 17, 2017
4 women with different skin types

Are you tired of looking at your skincare products and not knowing or understanding how these products are going to work for you? Well the key to unlocking your skincare secrets is to first understand what skin type you are. Skin types can include oily, dry, combination and normal. Everyone’s skin type varies due to a range of different factors such as your skin’s water content, oil content, and your skins level of sensitivity. Once you understand what skin type you are, this will help you to take care of your skin better.  By following the skincare menu’s listed for each skin type, you can gauge a better understanding of what skincare routine you should be undertaking in the morning and night based on your individual type. 

Oily Skin  

For people with oily skin types it can quite often be a battle between blotting sheets and face powders. Hydration isn’t the issue for oily skin, but blackheads and pimples generally are. Some people find it difficult to keep their facial shine down during the day feeling the need to wash their faces regularly. Oily skin can occur due to hormonal changes, cosmetics, and genetics or diet changes. To successfully maintain oily skin a mix of cleansing, hydration and exfoliation is import for your skin to be looking it’s best. Follow this skincare guide to banish excess oils.  

Make your skincare about your skin type

Dry Skin

Dry skin is easily irritated and inflamed particularly by external factors such as changes in temperature or environment. It lacks moisture and lipids (oils) making it prone to flaking, cracking, peeling and becoming itchy. This is due to a lack of moisture in the corneous layers. Dry skin can also appear tight and dull particularly around the cheeks and eyes. Follow this skincare guide to combat your dryness.

Dry skincare menu

Combination Skin

Dry or normal in some areas, and oily in others is one way to describe combination skin. The T-zone, which is the area around the nose, forehead and chin are the most common areas for oiliness. As these areas are oilier than others, they are also prone to impurities. Combination skin can occur when your skin is suffering from genetic or hormonal factors that could cause an imbalance in how much oils are produced. Follow this skincare guide to understand how to properly care for combination skin.  

Combination Skincare Menu

Normal Skin 

Vibrant, elastic, smooth and soft; normal skin has good circulation, a radiant complexion, no severe sensitivities or imperfections and barely visible pores. There are no visible blemishes, flaky areas or greasy patches on the skin. People with normal skin can become complacent with their skincare routine, but it’s important to still undertake an appropriate care routine. Follow this skincare guide to maintain and manage your normal skin. 

Normal Skincare Menu

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By Mikayla Tabone.

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