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Posted on February 01, 2018

Just because you are travelling, it doesn’t give you the excuse to skimp on your beauty routine. Your hotel may come with a hair dryer, but it definitely won’t come with your favourite go-to travel essentials. There are many secrets when it comes to packing beauty travel essentials lightly, so keep reading to reveal what you should consider for your next trip abroad.

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Find Travel Sized Products

One way to reduce the amount of space your beauty essentials take up in your suitcase is to shop for travel or sample sized products. Across most categories including skin, hair and makeup, you will be able to source all of your favourite products in cute mini sizes. Sephora always has a large range of travel-sized options available, but also check the health and beauty travel aisle of your local supermarket.

A range of travel beauty essentials including skin, hair and makeup.
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In-flight Essentials

Now, don’t get too overwhelmed dealing with meeting carry-on liquid restrictions – you just need to know where to start. Here are some in-flight travel essentials you should consider adding to your carry-on.

Labelled collage of in-flight beauty essentials you should pack into your carry on.
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  •  Face wipes – there’s nothing worse than the icky feeling of sitting in your makeup during a long-haul flight. Plus, they can also double up as hand wipes.
  • Lip balm – banish dry, flaky lips with your favourite travel balm.

  • Moisturiser and hand/body lotion – the air flow on planes is notoriously known for drying out your skin so keep hydrated with lotion.

  • Hydrating night face cream – sinking into those uncomfortable seats will feel like sitting at a spa after putting on your hydrating face cream.

  • Eye mask – if you are someone who is sensitive to light while trying to sleep, a mask will ease your transition to the land of Zzz’s.

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – nothing more refreshing than brushing your teeth on a plane, especially if you have been travelling for hours.

  • Deodorant – hygiene is important, yes even when travelling, this is a must.

  • Tinted moisturiser and lip gloss – to help you feel human on arrival.

Skincare Essentials

It’s important to feel good and confident in your skin while on holidays, so ensuring you pack the most important products in your routine is a must.

Collage of labelled travel skincare essentials.
Image Credit: Nikki Parkinson - Styling You
  • Cleanser – keep your face fresh and clean.
  • Moisturiser with sunscreen – sunscreen is a must when travelling!
  • Eye cream- look alive! You might need it after the long flight.

  • Night cream – already in carry on.

  • Body sunscreen – Protection from the harmful UV rays is very important. Be sun smart!

  • Perfume

  • Razor

Makeup Essentials

Even if you are someone who tries to limit their use of makeup while on a relaxing holiday, here is a list of the basics you might want to bring with you next time to go travelling.

Collage of labelled makeup travel beauty essentials.
Image Credit: Nikki Parkinson - Styling You
  • Primer – not to prime is a crime!
  • Foundation or tinted moisturiser

  • Concealer – you might want to cover up those bags after busy days and sleepless nights.

  • Makeup palette – find something with it all: blush, bronzer and highlight.

  • Eye palette

  • Mascara

  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Lipstick

  • Brushes/beauty blender

We hope that this beauty travel guide makes your packing experience more enjoyable and less stressful. After all, who wants to be worrying just before embarking on an adventure. Happy Holidaying!


By Mikayla Tabone. 

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