So you want to be a Bombshell? Try these Blonde Shampoos

Posted on October 12, 2018

Brassy hair getting you down? Are you struggling to achieve the icy blonde look you were going for? Well if you’ve considered switching up your shampoo, these products will help you go from drab to fab by neutralising the golden undertones in your hair. Don’t be afraid of the fact that they’re dark purple, they’ve been formulated specifically for blondes. Blonde doesn’t have to mean ‘golden’, and here’s the best shampoos to achieve your frosty hair goals.

So you want to be a Bombshell? Try these Blonde Shampoos

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# 1. Lee Stafford’s BLEAch Blondes

This deliciously deep purple shampoo lightly tones, refreshes and restores blonde hair to the condition it was in when you left the salon after getting it done. It contains panthenol, chamomile and moinga seed extract, otherwise known as miracle tree, to encourage natural shine and works as a protectant to prevent colour fade. Lee Stafford also doesn’t test on animals so that’s a massive bonus! You’ll be thanking us at Red Scout once you see what this perfected formula can do for your hair.

So you want to be a Bombshell? Try these Blonde Shampoos

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# 2. De Lorenzo’s Nova Fusion

The Nova Fusion range is formulated to work in synergy with your hair colour, giving it brilliant shine while controlling and preventing colour fade. The violet and silver tones from this range really make maintaining your hair colour much easier. Not to mention, the brand De Lorenzo is inspired by nature and is all created on Australian shores, using plant based botanical extracts such as Kakadu plum, birch and rooibos extract. All of the ingredients are certified organic and are suitably farmed and wild-harvested whenever possible. They also 100% cruelty free, with no animals harmed in the making.

So you want to be a Bombshell? Try these Blonde Shampoos

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# 3. Fanola’s No Yellow Shampoo

This Italian made shampoo is great for those grey, super lightened or de-coloured men and women. This salon quality product will rid all the yellow and golden tones for your hair and leave it looking as fresh as it did the day you got it done.

So you want to be a Bombshell? Try these Blonde Shampoos

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# 4. Lush’s Daddy-O Shampoo

Daddy-O only uses natural ingredients to revive your silver and blonde tones. Thank you Lush! This shampoo uses lemon and organic lime juice to make the hair cuticles lie flat, allowing it to look really shiny. Extra virgin coconut oil hydrates the hair, whilst fine sea salt softens it and adds body. Finally, toothed wrack seaweed and organic lemons cleanse and soften the hair. We also love that Lush is free of animal testing and only purchases their ingredients from suppliers who don’t test on animals. What more could you want?

So you want to be a Bombshell? Try these Blonde Shampoos

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# 5. Pure Hair Food

Pure Hair Food’s Tone Your Hair shampoo keeps your blonde nice and toned between salon visits and is gentle enough to be used everyday, while most other blonde shampoos recommend only using them once or twice a week. It’s a great product for the eco-conscious blonde as this shampoo is free from all nasties such as sulphates and harsh detergents, cleansing the hair of any build-up of chemicals. It’s also developed right here in Australia, so UV protection is a must have, to prevent colour fading and reduce sun damage. We also love their philosophy, animals don’t use shampoo, so why would we test on them? Yes, that’s right. Pure Hair Food tests their products on their stylists, not animals!

Ladies and Gentlemen, these shampoos will have you feeling constantly fabulous, even experiment with some other options if you like. Just know that these will leave your hair looking much brighter and lively than the yellow tones that settle into your hair only days after getting it done. No need to thank us for the advice, you’re welcome.

By Maddison Mathot.

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