The Low-down on Lip Fillers

Posted on August 03, 2018

Injectables, they have become so popular, right? Especially lip fillers.

Women are literally paying to have a cosmetologist stick a needle into their lips over and over again as hyaluronic acid is added to make them appear larger in size. The lips are then massaged so that the product is dispersed evenly inside the lips. Sound painful? Well maybe not if you’ve got a strong tolerance for needles. I mean, a numbing cream is applied so that you only feel a pinch but still, just the idea of it can turn some people away.

What about the after care horror stories? For a week following the procedure many women experience bruising, swelling and sensitivity. This can cause difficulties while eating and drinking and can be rather painful. Usually these bruises are either dark purple or black in colour and can only be covered by a lipstick of a similar shade. Not to mention the constant need to massage them so that they keep their shape. Maybe pressing heavily on bruised lips is even the worst part. Your lips are likely to feel hard and swollen as the product settles in. Your lips should be iced regularly to help with this. Exercise must also be avoided for 24 hours, otherwise the bruising may become much more significant.

The Low-down on Lip Fillers

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But before you can even get lip fillers, a consultation is required. After a series of questions have been asked and answered your nurse will call a doctor and explain everything you discussed. Following this, the doctor will decide whether you are able to go ahead with it or not. I know, it all sounds rather technical doesn’t it? Like going in for an actual procedure.

So let’s get technical shall we? The product usually lasts between 4-10 months, depending on the type of filler you receive. It can last longer the more frequently you get it done as the lips become more prone to the injected liquid. The ingredients they use in the fillers are similar to hyaluronic acid, which the body naturally produces. So the serum practically mimics what’s already in your lips which reduces the risk of having an allergic reaction to it. The cost usually has a starting price of $389 per visit at places such as Laser Clinics Australia or Australian Skin Clinics, and increases depending on the quality of the fillers, the time frame that they’ll last, and where you get them done.

After the fillers have been added, the lips usually protrude from the mouth further and create a pouty look. As a beauty advisor, once you know what you’re looking for, it usually becomes quite easy to tell which customers have injectables and which don’t.

Once the lips have healed they can be treated as per usual again. It’s as if they’re your natural lips. They will shrink in size over time and the lips will soften again as they heal.

The Low-down on Lip Fillers

Photo Credit: LiliiaKyrylenko

It’s funny really. Some women are very open about their injectables and will admit to having them, while others will try and convince you that they’re real. Only ask questions about your client’s fillers if they bring it up first. If they do it’s usually a good idea to ask how long they have had them for so that you know what you’re working with. They can usually stay a little sensitive until a month after getting them done.

Well there you have it, that’s the 411 on lip fillers. So is it worth it? Well, many of these women keep on going back to get their lips fuller, as the trend continues. So the pain and upkeep must be worth it to stay on top of current beauty styles. Am I right?

As beauty trends become more dramatic and increasingly harder to keep up with, we must remember to stick to our roots. As women, you’re more than welcome to experiment and enhance your features, but remember to keep in mind that you’re beautiful as you are. With or without the latest trends.

By Maddison Mathot.

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