What's all the Fuss about Jojoba Oil?

Posted on June 08, 2018

Jojoba oil is a must-have beauty product. This vitamin filled, natural product, is the perfect base to your skin care routine.

What's all the Fuss about Jojoba Oil?

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The Science Behind Jojoba Oil

Did you know that Jojoba oil is made up of a wax ester that is identical to the natural sebum that our skin produces? How interesting is that. What makes this oil in particular so special though, is the fact that the jojoba plant is the only plant on earth that is known to produce this oil, which just so happens to be the closest found product to our human anatomy. This plant practically produces liquid magic.

Jojoba also has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, to the layers where regeneration and synthesisation occur, and can mimic the nature of our natural oil glands. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, what can’t this oil do?

Vitamins and Minerals

What's all the Fuss about Jojoba Oil?

Image Credit: RobsPhoto

Why take your daily dose of vitamins when you can apply them directly to the skin?

Jojoba is naturally high in vitamin A, D and E and also contains essential fatty acids such as Omega 6, 9, and Docosanol (a fatty alcohol that can block virus’, speed up healing and decrease symptoms by entering your healthy skin cells and growing in bumber).

It's your Answer to Everything

Jojoba oil is the perfect skin care product for all ages. You can’t go wrong with it. This magical oil has the ability to control break outs for those youthful users, by balancing out oily skin and preventing a build up of sebum. You’re probably thinking to yourself, how can it do that? Well, jojoba can recognise the skins natural oil make-up and work with it to improve the skin. Not only this, but it also has healing properties which can improve acne scars, burns, stretch marks, sun damage and other pigmentation issues with the skin. Yes, young ladies, if you’ve been feeling insecure about your skin, here is your solution. Who needs a Fairy God Mother when you’ve got jojoba oil?

For you mature women, jojoba oil has the ability to hydrate dry skin and defy the effects of time, keeping the skin looking youthful. As the skin begins to age/weaken, our oil glands begin producing less oil. Jojoba is the perfect solution to keeping your sebum levels up, it’s natures cure to the harsh effects that the earths elements have on our skin. It works to repair and regenerate damaged skin cells, prevent premature aging, smooth out wrinkles and brighten dull skin by providing essential moisture that the skin may be lacking. By now you must be itching to try this miracle oil that will make you feel fresher faced than ever.

What's all the Fuss about Jojoba Oil?

Image Credit:thejojobaco

This oil is suitable for all skin types. It can also sooth sensitive skin, as well as skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis and nappy rash. You can literally use this product for anything. It’s an absolute multi-tasking problem solver. Certain versions of the product have even been formulated to help with cellulite, and I mean haven’t we all been searching for a solution to that since like, forever?

Jojoba can also rehydrate all parts of the body, including the hair. Hair is made up of dead skin cells but this oil can practically bring it back to life, adding shine and lustre. You’ll be flipping your hair around like you’re starring in a Pantene commercial.

If it isn’t already a priority in your skin care regimen, it’s never too late to add it. You’ll be thanking yourself later when your skin is flawless and you look your best ever.

By Maddison Mathot.

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