Work it: Beauty Benefits from the Inside, Out

Posted on September 28, 2018

Health has become such a big part of society, especially in recent times. Vegan, gluten free, health cafés are popping up on every corner, and magazine covers are sporting fitspo models with ‘how to tips.’ Health and fitness has become one of the key elements of beauty. It’s not as easy as giving yourself a facial and slapping on some makeup, beauty begins with how we treat our bodies.

Work it: Beauty Benefits from the Inside, Out

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Strength Training

We all want to be strong and independent. Well, strength training is the first step towards that. Not only does it help you to lose body fat, but it also helps you to build strength and muscle. It’s usually thought of as a more effective method than cardio, when trying to lose fat as well.

There are also many health benefits, both physical and mental. Physically, it causes an increase in your metabolism and bone density, improving your posture and reducing your risk of heart disease. Weight training also fills you with plenty of energy, so if you’re working out in the morning, it will give you the energy to stay vibrant and get you through the day.

Mentally, it has the ability to boost your mood and is amazing at reducing or relieving stress and anger. It has also been proven to create a better night’s sleep with a smaller amount of disturbances throughout the night, and we all know how important our beauty sleep is.

Work it: Beauty Benefits from the Inside, Out

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While cardio, short for cardiovascular exercise, can also help with weight loss, the main benefits of this are definitely health related.

  • It gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation through the body, improving your heart health.
  • It increases your metabolism. The higher intensity, the more it increases.
  • It decreases your appetite which majorly helps with weight loss.
  • It can fasten your recovery rate after a heavy strength training session that causes your body to ache.
  • As you’re ageing, cardio can increase your quality of life by keeping you fit and active. The more active you are throughout your life span, the more youthful you stay, inside and out, creating lasting beauty.

Mentally, cardio releases ‘feel good’ hormones that help to ease any symptoms of depression and fatigue. It works as a great stress reliever too. And I mean, what could be better? Simply smiling can change the entire way your face looks.

Work it: Beauty Benefits from the Inside, Out

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Exercise is a very important aspect of life that we should all be aiming to fit into our daily routine for at least half an hour to an hour. As you now know, there are so many benefits to both cardio and strength training, the biggest being health and wellbeing. After all, our inner beauty is what creates our outer beauty.

By Maddison Mathot.

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