How to Nail The Korean Glass Skin Trend

Posted on March 11, 2019
Korean girl with glass skin trend

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The internet has become obsessed with the latest “Glass Skin” trend - the Korean beauty routine that involves creating the illusion of flawless, dewy, and practically spotless ‘glass-like’ skin.

Korean skin-care is known for its groundbreaking beauty products… from sheet masks to bee-venom (yikes!), this new beauty trend “Glass Skin” has gone viral and will leave your skin looking exceptionally smooth, even-toned and (as Korean beauty experts would describe it) ‘translucent’.

Now to achieve the “clear, poreless and dewy” complexion is no walk in the park and certainly requires a little extra time in the mornings than the usual ‘wash and go’. But as long as you adopt a ‘glass half-full’ mentality (pun-intended), then you’ll be on your way to becoming a pro at this new trend.

Keep on reading for a step by step process on how to achieve the glass-like skin the internet can’t get enough of!

Step 1. Cleansing (Double)

Double cleansing the face

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This method involves not washing your face once... but twice. Remove all of your makeup using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based face wash. This step will stop your skin from drying out and leave it looking and feeling oh-so-fresh!

Step 2. Toning

Bottles of korean toner for the skin

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Now, let’s talk toning, (no, not the kind of toning we do in the gym), but the toning we often neglect after (double) cleansing. Toning will help step up your skincare routine as it is designed to shrink the appearance of your pores, restore your skin’s pH balance and plump it up! Bye-bye pores, hello porcelain skin.

Step 3. Apply an essence

Add an essence to the skin

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Next we have, ‘Essence’... (the name alone sounds like a magic potion). This product is the epicenter of Korean skincare and, get this, the main ingredient is water! (seems appropriate since we are trying to achieve the appearance of ‘glass-like’ skin over here). This product is a more lightweight and less concentrated version of a ‘serum’ and is used by Korean beauty experts to add another layer of hydration.

Step 4. Serum

Woman applying korean serum to fingers

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So let’s take your skin care up another notch. Serum! Invest in a high quality serum as it does more than just hydrate your skin. Serum’s help to even out your skin-tone, plump up your skin, reduce fine lines AND maintain the moisture balance in your skin throughout the day. It doesn’t get better than that!

Step 5. Moisturise… A Lot!

Koren Moisturiser

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It’s not over yet, because now it's time to moisturise… a lot! To keep your skin looking super hydrated for the longest time, you need to use a moisturiser that works for your skin-type and does not cause acne breakouts or irritation. A good moisturizer should help calm and brighten your skin and give you an enviably “dewy” complexion we all desire!

Step 6. Foundation

Makeup Forever and NARS foundation

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5 steps in and we are finally using foundation! For the best glassy-dewy look, opt for a light coverage, gel-based foundation that matches your skin type, skin tone and is easy to blend. Pro tip: avoid using foundations with a matte-finish as it will work against the translucent effect you want to achieve (and undo all your hard work!)

And there you have it! You have now mastered the step by step guide for glass-like skin!

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By Angelica Baer

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