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Posted on March 21, 2019
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Being a beauty advisor isn’t always easy. Often you are the trusted beauty guru your clients go to for skin and make-up guidance, especially if it’s in preparation their special event! While your customer’s special event could range from their own wedding to a night out, there is one question I’m sure you would have heard on a weekly basis - how do I prepare my skin for my special night out?

Now, while we aren’t all celebrities with limitless budgets to spend on microdermabrasion, vampire facials and rigorous detox cleanses, there are still many things you can do to help prepare your clients skin prior to their special day or night.

Let’s to start with the basics:

1. Sleep

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This advice might seem a bit oversaid but it’s also an underrated suggestion! In 2010 The British Medical Journal conducted a study that proved individuals who slept 8 hours per night were deemed more attractive than those who were sleep deprived. In addition to this, regular sleep can help decrease acne, skin sensitivity and the keep the skin “glowing” (through regulation of collagen and hyaluronic acid production).

2. Exfoliate

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Exfoliate Everything! And by everything we mean EVERYTHING! The face, arms, legs, feet, hands, etc. This not only makes the skin FEEL good, but allows makeup to sit on a smoother surface and fake tan to layer evenly! Ridding the skin of dead and dry excess skin also increases blood circulation – allowing your skin to glow! Whether it’s a physical exfoliant (scrubs, loofah’s, cloths) or a chemical exfoliant (AHA’s, BHA’s) encourage your client to find out what works and how many times a week would suit them after assessing their skin type. (If you’re confused about what a customer’s skin type is – try one of our Red Scout Beauty courses which helps you develop skills to assess a variety of different skin types - Skincare courses.

3. Eat

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If you’re looking for that last minute beauty glow before your event, try these beauty friendly foods! If it’s improving the strength of your skin – try avocados as they contain B-vitamin Biotin which helps to maintain skin, hair and nails! If you’re looking to clear up sun spots or uneven skin – try your citrus fruits which rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. While, if it’s reducing skin inflammation and acne – try a papaya as they contain vitamins C & E!

Some honorary mentions also go to; water (a necessary staple), mud masks to draw out any impurities (and of course for relaxation purposes) and under-eye hydration masks (to add to that glamorous feel before going out!)

As a beauty advisor, we know and appreciate that you’re already providing your clients with the BEST beauty advice available – whether it’s applying your artistic flair to match your client’s makeup desires to giving accurate and relevant beauty advice.

If you’re looking to go that one step further and provide your clients with even better customer service – why not try a Red Scout skincare beauty course? It will assist you in providing that optimum customer service your clients deserve and make your stand out against your competitors. You’re provided with a thorough theoretical understanding about the different skin types, the best products according to your client’s age (yes there are differences!) and how to decipher the type of skin condition your client presents with. Don’t lose a sale due to lack of experience, or knowledge, complete a Red Scout online beauty course and build up your knowledge today!

For a more in-depth understanding about skincare we recommend completing our – Skincare Express course at $AU113.10 (inclusive of four different modules).

By Stephanie Alcevski

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