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  • No, we have priced the course so it’s accessible to a wide range of students wanting to complete the course at an affordable price.

  • No it's an all inclusive price. We will provide you with the log in, password and all course content material that is required for the course. Certificate after successful completion of the course is free of charge.

  • Please choose carefully. We do not give refunds after you make your payment.

  • No, this course will take you through the content very thoroughly and has been designed to accommodate all levels of experience and expertise.

  • Absolutely not, all you need is to have a passion for wanting to expand your knowledge of beauty, and be part of a dynamic industry.

  • All ages are welcome, as retailers and brands need a variety of age groups to sell beauty.

  • Currently we have a suite of four courses which are : Skincare, Makeup, Fragrance and Customer Sales & Service. These cover the fundamentals of each area and is the 'must have' knowledge required. You can also purchase the individual modules and build your own learning program. Sign up with your contact details, and we will keep you in the loop about new courses that are available.

  • Yes in Fragrance we have Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, with more languages to come. Please send a note to if you wish to access these courses.

  • It is an online course that can be completed at your own pace. We estimate each course (consisting of 4 modules) will take 1-2 hours online in total. Some courses have additional activities to practice in your own time. If you choose a module you will take approx. 20-30mins to complete that module.

  • It is totally your choice. Once you have enrolled you can take as long as you like. You can do each course at your own pace. Our students often say that they try to do one module a day (which is about 30 minutes of learning). Others say they like to cover off the entire course at once. We recommend that you work consistently through the course for greatest amount of learning development. Please note the expiry date of the course, and that can be found under 'Course details'.

  • Absolutely. You can complete the course anywhere you have internet access. You can complete the course on a PC or Tablet.

  • In order to obtain the Red Scout certificate you must complete the module you are enrolled in, plus also the assessment at the end. The assessment must be completed at 80% pass rate. You can attempt the questions 3 times.

  • Each module has an assessment at the end. The assessment is in multiple choice and true / false questioning techniques.

  • We specifically focus on the core four areas of the beauty industry, to provide you with the ultimate base knowledge understanding that any employer will find highly desirable. The core four areas are : Skincare, Makeup, Fragrance and Beauty Customer Sales & Service.

  • There is practical experience within some courses that will need to be completed. You will be assigned tasks to complete and record your findings and experiences.

  • Red Scout is here to help. If you are having any problems please contact us and we can work through the issues you may be having. Email

  • You can complete the course modules and assessments as many times as you like. Your final results will be printed onto your transcript.

  • Red Scout is here to help. If you are having any problems please contact us and we can work through the issues you may be having. Email

  • The course prepares you with the fundamental knowledge required for work specifically in retail for the cosmetic industry, across Skincare, Makeup, Fragrance and Customer Service. This course is ideal for someone who is working, or wanting to work in a Beauty Retail environment, but also for anyone who is interested in improving their knowledge of beauty.

  • Most retailers and brands recognise the Red Scout certificate and this should be included in your application for a job with a retailer or brand. Red Scout don’t guarantee jobs, but we do know that the retailers would look favourably upon anyone who has taken the initiative to complete the course. It shows you are serious about a career in the industry.

  • The most common way to find a job is to log onto an online job board where many Beauty Advisor roles are advertised for various brands and retailers. You can also apply directly to the retailer or brand where they have job vacancies and application forms on their websites.

  • Absolutely. A long term career in the beauty industry is possible. Its recommended that you start from the front line where you can get a great understanding of the industry, and then if you perform well you will be promoted and encouraged to take more senior positions with brands and retailers. Many successful people in the cosmetic industry have started their career from the front line.

  • Depending on your skills and experience, there are many career prospects which could span over different industry specialties. Here are some examples: Retail: Makeup Artists; Treatment / Facialists; Promoter; Fragrance specialist; 2IC (2nd in Charge on a Brand Counter);Counter Manager; Assistant Store Manager; Store Manager; Area Manager. Retail Head Office: You could become part of a retailers head office, which is exciting as you are able to work with many brands in the market. You could be part of the following departments : Merchandising and Buying ; Marketing; Public Relations; Visual Merchandising; Human Resources; Finance; Training. Brand Head Office: You could join a cosmetic brand to manage a specific cosmetic brand. Some of these teams include : Brand Management; Training; Visual Merchandising; Supply Chain Management; Public Relations; Marketing; Sales and Promotions. Other Opportunities: Various roles exist within companies that relate to beauty. You may choose to start off in retail and then move into companies which specialise in : Spa and Skincare Treatments; Design and Graphic Arts ; Packaging design and Development; Product formulation; Accounting; Public Relations; Digital marketing and Website design. This of course, depends on the other skills and experience that you can offer.

  • To be successful in the cosmetics industry, you need to be motivated, well presented, and hard working. You need to be sales focused, and be able to communicate well with customers so you can provide them with an excellent experience in your store.

  • Yes it is a sales related role and certainly one which requires you to be focused on maximising the sales for the brand or retailer you work for. Its dynamic and fun, and sales targets keep you motivated to be the best you can be, and create great customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • A high standard of grooming is essential. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. You must be neat and tidy from head to toe. Each retailer or brand will have their specific requirements and you must always adhere to their image code.

  • The main requirement of a beauty consultant is to welcome every customer, identify their specific concerns, satisfy them with a tailored solution which will give them the very best results. You are also part of a team environment, so you are to work together to ensure that sales targets are met, and your environment is operating efficiently.

  • Customer service sets you apart from everyone else. It is the most important factor in the beauty industry. Excellent customer service skills are required, and yes, the course will give you all the tips and techniques that you can use in this environment.

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