Parkson Asia-Pacific

Red Scout assisted Parkson with the development of a customised 'Star Service' program to track training across all staff and stores in Malaysia.


Sales Increased 5%

Training costs reduced 20%

Quiz questions answered 950,000

Organisation compliance increased to 91%

Brand Value increased 0.05%


  • Largest Department store group in Asia Pacific.
  • Regional positioning with inconsistent service protocol across the stores.
  • High numbers of staff that needed to be trained (5,000).
  • High staff turnover (300%).
  • Expansion of new stores across multiple countries.
  • Inexperienced sales advisors to sell premium brands.
  • Previous training was a 'face to face' briefing' upon staff induction.
  • Challenged by cost effective training methods.
Beauty Advisors ready to greet the customer


Consistent level of sales and service across all staff and stores.

Red Scout’s Involvement

  • Developed customised learning platform to track training.
  • Developed 7 modules of core customer service and sales training for all staff.
  • Launch plan.
  • Implementation/ Account Management.

The Results

  • 10,000 Staff Trained 
  • 26,063 hours of training completed online (in 6 months)

= 78,189 hours of face to face training (1 hour of online = 3 hours of face-to-face)

To complete 78,189 hours of face to face training in 6 months you would need:

  • 82 full time trainers to be training 8 hours per day for 6 months.

Parkson has 39 outlets all over Malaysia.  Within its set-up which is geographically widespread… encompassed with its rapid growth and staff turnover, we needed a training programme that meets the 3 Cs – Consistency, Coverage and Cost-effectiveness.

… This is a very comprehensive programme; it can be done in-store, whereby it doesn’t incur any additional cost for additional time off.

It takes probably 3 full days for a face-to-face classroom training but in eLearning, it probably only takes 3hours. More so, we realise that in classroom training, the staff may remember about 10% of the content.  Well, in eLearning, the staff has no limitations to revisit the course content to learn and practise.

Visahka Wong – HR Manager

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