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  • General Manager, The Retail Academy UK – Tom Moroney

    The perfect introductory training for our consultants to complete before stepping on the shop floor.

    For those with no prior experience of the beauty industry, the training touches on all the key points to ensure they have a high level of understanding of the products they are selling. For those who have worked within the beauty industry before it is a perfect refresher of the key learning points.

    The content is easy to digest and means that the consultants can complete the training in a time effective and cost-effective manner. Highly recommended for anyone looking to work in a sales role within the beauty industry.

  • Carlene Lucke, Founder & Director – First Impressions Events

    This is an excellent service. I found the Red Scout online training program to be a sound resource for both retail cosmetics and fragrance consultants.

    It has given our staff a sufficient overview and introduction to retail cosmetics and fragrances via a concise and effective learning tool. We highly recommend this training program to all our staff and clients in the industry.


  • Learning and Development Manager-Pacific; Lagardere Travel Retail

    Lagardère Travel  Retail chose Red Scout because they came highly recommended to deliver training that was cost effective.  The training material was specifically developed for the Beauty industry to develop skill and competence .    The team at Red Scout work with us, and support the transfer of knowledge onto the service area which ultimately increase service and customer satisfaction .

    Lagardère Travel  Retail train the staff online because the training  provides  the flexibility to our team to learn when , where and what they need. It’s also  delivers  learning at a  pace to suit each person’s individual needs.   

  • Head of Global Training & Development – Dufry Management Ltd.

    Navigation is simple, content relevant for BAs given that it is very specific to their products and largely reinforces the content of the Dufry training material on link and up selling.

    Very good for visual learners. Provided key words and visuals to help you associate with scents. Also gave at least 10 examples of fragrances for each of the categories and launch dates. Great for new hires and as a refresher course for new items. Words were not to complex and visual imagery made a great impact on memory. Having the ability to go back and review was very helpful…

  • Store Manager – Amuse Beauty Studio, Melbourne Airport

    I thoroughly enjoyed this one! It was extremely insightful. I was discussing that in all my shopping experiences for fragrances, I have never been given such insight.

    Having this knowledge, will most definitely give us a competitive edge, by boosting customer service and overall sales.

    I am genuinely delighted to have completed this express course.

  • Skincare Consultant – Avon

    Thank you for the opportunity to become a certified fragrance consultant. The course was very interesting and well informed. Looking forward to the skincare course.

    I have a clearer understanding of the importance of having knowledge of fragrances and how to sell them to customers.  

    I am very thankful for the knowledge gained through the courses and I am more confident to sell fragrances and also help customers match their favourite scents with the brand I am selling.    Thank you again Red Scout for the opportunity to become a certified Fragrance Consultant.  I look forward to the Skincare Courses that you have planned.  I will recommend this course to anyone who’s in the fragrance industry.

  • Magazine Editor – Esprit Magazine

    I really enjoyed taking the course and found it entertaining and kept my attention throughout. It was absorbing to be honest.

    I was a little nervous each time I did the quiz – hoping I was going to pass as some of the content genuinely did test me. The content is truly relevant to a Beauty Advisor working in a retail environment and I will be recommending to my Esprit Magazine readership of BAs and managers of BAs subscribe to Red Scout training.

  • Manager – Agence de Parfum

    I thought that the content was very relevant for selling in department stores and would be hugely beneficial for sales staff.

    Through the modules you can see the various scenarios and means of communication that happen in the department store environment and will be a great tool to assist with getting the customer to the register to purchase.

  • Manager – LVMH

    I found the Red Scout Digital Training module to be an excellent tool for both Retail and Cosmetic Sales Staff.

    For both new and existing team members, the course will quickly remind the sales consultant of the steps to be used to ensure success on the selling floor. The information was easy to understand and use. The steps of the course, including the assessment and the Beauty Buzz sheets will ensure the course matter will be retained.

    I also believe this course would be very beneficial to brand employers, during an interview process. It clearly expresses the role of a professional Sales Consultant, and allows the employer to have an additional tool to decide if the applicant is suitable.

    I enjoyed completing the course, and I am thankful for the opportunity.

  • HR Manager - Learning and Development – David Jones

    Two of our newly appointed Beauty Style Advisors were able to complete the Fragrance course and the feedback has been that they thought it was a detailed, informative course.

    One of them had quite a strong fragrance background but she still commented that it refreshed previous knowledge which was positive.

  • Regional Training Manager – Puig Asia Pacific

    RED Scout’s Fragrance Express Course is comprehensive, educational and user friendly. It touches on the fundamentals of Fragrance and is great for all new BAs whom I do not have the time and resources to train immediately, due to the wide geographical location of my markets.

    The course therefore helps me to train our PUIG exclusive beauty consultants on demand quickly and effectively.

    RED Scout’s courseware uses simple and easy-to-understand language that can be easily understood by BAs of different nationalities.  The Q&A modules, good reviews and recaps help to re-enforce their learning. 

     I really appreciate the great aesthetic layout of all the learning modules.  Needless to say, the detailed progress report is helpful in letting me know my beauty consultants’ weakest link.

  • Travel Retail Area Manager – Puig Asia Pacific

    The Fragrance Express Course is very useful and a Must-Do for Brand BAs!

  • Beauty Style Advisor – David Jones

    This course provides great content for new Beauty Advisors who have little / no fragrance experience or training.

  • Beauty Style Advisor – David Jones

    The online fragrance course is all very relevant to the Beauty Style Advisor role. It provides very detailed and in depth content, which allows you to ask detailed questions of your customers.

  • Health & Beauty Specialist / Business Coach – The Beauty Issue

    I really appreciated the opportunity to review one of RED SCOUT’s online courses. I must say, I was very impressed.

    You have created something which is easy to use, as well as providing the user with a very informative experience. I have no doubt any company who engages RED SCOUT for their training needs for both new and existing employees would see the benefits it provides to them, not only would it save them many hours in training but also provides the right information delivered in a fun and interesting way to enable their employees to be successful at their job.

    I can also see how beneficial this would be for individuals aspiring to join the cosmetic/beauty retail industry but does not have the necessary skill set, experience or knowledge to gain entry.

    Loved it and I have a new-found respect for those who approach the sale of fragrance in such a professional way.

  • National Training Manager – Cosmax Fragrances

    Just to let you know that I’ve just been through the express course and I find it very complete. AMAZING JOB!

  • Beauty Advisor – Farmers Department Store

    I enjoyed taking the fragrance training I found it really interesting and helpful – I even used it for creating my own fragrance training notes.

  • Manager – Cosmetics Fragrances Direct

    Have found course thoroughly interesting and already know it has added to my confidence in selling our fragrances.

  • Beauty Advisor – Cosmetics Fragrances Direct

    It was fantastic really learnt so much – keen to do any other courses or workshops that are on offer in the future.

  • Beauty Advisor – Cosmetics Fragrances Direct, Australia

    I was thrilled to be able to finish the course today the help desk got back to me about an hour after sending my email – course all completed.

  • Beauty Advisor – Cosmetics Fragrances Direct

    Just letting you know that (course) is TOTALLY awesome and completed Red Scout Training today.

  • Beauty Advisor – DFS Hong Kong

    Practical and easy to apply on floor when engaging customer, especially FAQs and fragrance wheel learning, highly recommended for all new hired fragrance staff.

  • Beauty Advisor – DFS Hong Kong

    Fragrance layering is instrumental for new staff and builds confidence for link selling on floor.

  • International Training Director – Clarins

    I have gone through the modules and I must say they are very well designed, very relevant, very complete, very well conceived. I enjoyed all the functionalities of each module with the beauty buzz sheets, the Post-it notes questions and the quizzes.

    The selling module is also great and we are totally in agreement with the method and statements.

  • Beauty Advisor – Elizabeth Arden

    For me, it was great refresher course. For a person who has just started in the fragrance business, it would be very valuable training

  • Beauty Advisor – Elizabeth Arden

    It was good to be able to move on when you felt you understood, and it was good to get the support when I needed it.

  • Beauty Advisor – Elizabeth Arden

    Fun and easy to learn as an induction course.

  • Fragrance Consultant – FM Group

    The Express Fragrance Course was amazing and informative! I have a new found respect for fragrances and the beauty industry as I’ve learned that a lot of research goes into creating the perfect fragrance etc. If I had to rate it I would give you guys 20/20!

  • Fragrance Consultant – FM Group

    The Express Fragrance Course was amazing and informative! I have a new found respect for fragrances and the beauty industry as I’ve learned that a lot of research goes into creating the perfect fragrance etc. If I had to rate it I would give you guys 20/20!

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